Youth Life Program

Faculty Testimonials

Faculty Testimonials

“The best-run substance abuse program at Dewitt Nelson at the time.”

– Brian D. Rivera, Substance Abuse Program Coordinator, DeWitt Nelson Training Center, Stockton, Ca.

“James is a dedicated and concerned man whose dealings with other people are sincere and honest.”

– William Huntley, Program Administrator

“I was especially impressed with his ability to include all trainees in the discussions and his ability to be confronting.”

– Cheryl Miller, Casework Consultant, Northern California Youth Center

“And when he’s gone your kids will remember what he talked about. Some of them will change their life goals and self motivate. Some of the comments I’ve heard from my students are, “that was the best speaker I’ve ever heard” or “that guy really changed the way I look at life. “where did you get that guy.”

– Robert Demmon, Tenured Teacher

“I have seen Jamie Neville, the motivational speaker, address groups of students and was impressed by his message. His concerns, like ours, are student attitude, setting goals, completing high school, and drug awareness.”

– Elizabeth Serrao, Director of Student Activities

“I truly believe that you reach a large number of students that perhaps would never give education a second thought.”

– Delton Reiley, Counselor, Marion Independent School District

“The attention which you received from our students speaks highly of your abilities as a public speaker.”

– Alan C. Hix, Principal, Sierra High School

“Your presentation was well received by both the students and their teachers and seemed to have a real impact on them.”

– James D. Douglas, Principal, Schurr High School

“He is enthusiastic and attentive to the group… most trainees seem to have a high level of respect for him.”

– Joan Frazzini, Northern California Youth Center

“Students and teachers heard what you had to say and agreed that their hour with you was very valuable. You held our Juniors and Seniors attention every period and never lost your enthusiasm.”

– Judith James, D.A.T.E. Coordinator, Redondo Union High School

“Thank you for working with our financial limitations. Hope to see you next year.”

–  Sydney Lamb, Rolling Hills Country Day School.